Common Causes of Tooth Loss By Dennis Sternberg on December 23, 2016

X-ray of patient with tooth lossRestorative dentistry treatments rebuild smiles compromised by oral damage or tooth loss. While these restorative dentistry treatments are effective, it is best to avoid tooth loss in the first place. Dr. Dennis Sternberg offers general dentistry services that help to preserve the health of the teeth and gums. Still, tooth loss does happen, even sometimes to those with good oral health. Here Dr. Sternberg discusses common causes of tooth loss for our Freehold, NJ patients, as well as the treatment options that may be most appropriate for the restoration of a strong, beautiful smile.

What Causes Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss occurs when the inner nerves of the tooth and the roots become damaged beyond repair. This can happen as a result of gradual dental damage, or a sudden and traumatic injury. Some of the common causes of tooth loss include:

  • Tooth decay: Tooth decay is a common condition that develops when bacteria build up on the teeth, forming a sticky layer of plaque and tartar. Decay is easy enough to repair with restorative dentistry treatments, but people don’t always seek the dental treatment they need. As decay progresses, it can completely damage the protective outer layer of a tooth and work its way to the nerves and roots. Without professional dental care, severe tooth decay can lead to tooth loss.
  • Root canal infection: A root canal infection describes inflammation of the nerves and tissues at the center of a tooth. This infection often develops when tooth decay or other dental damage goes untreated. If bacteria are able to reach the center of the tooth, an infection can form and threaten the health and stability of the tooth. Most root canal infections can be treated with root canal therapy, but in extreme cases tooth extraction may be necessary.
  • Gum disease: Just as bacteria can cause an infection in the inner tissues of a tooth, it can also lead to inflammation of the gum tissues. When the gums are infected, they will begin to pull back from the teeth. This condition, known as gum recession, exposes the roots of a tooth and leaves them vulnerable to damage. Gum recession also leaves the teeth without adequate support and stability. Without treatment, gum disease can result in tooth loss.
  • Oral injury: Even if the teeth and gums are healthy, oral injury can occur. Oral injuries are sudden cases of damage that threaten the structure of the tooth, and may even knock it completely out of its socket. An oral injury may happen during a sporting event, car accident, fall, or even the simple act of biting down on hard food.

Treating Tooth Loss

Dr. Sternberg does his best to help patients maintain strong, healthy teeth that are resistant to damage and tooth loss. However, if tooth loss does occur, he offers a range of dental treatments that rebuild strong, healthy, functional smiles. Some of the treatments for tooth loss include dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Dr. Sternberg will discuss these treatment options in further detail with those patients who are in need of restorative dentistry treatment.

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Don’t let tooth loss damage your smile and threaten the health of adjacent teeth. At our dental practice, Dr. Dennis G. Sternberg offers services to preserve the health and strength of the smile, as well as those to rebuild smiles that have been damaged by tooth loss. To learn more about our comprehensive range of dental treatments, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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