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Comprehensive Care with Highly Cosmetic Results

Cosmetic dentists Dennis G. Sternberg and Sandy Sternberg are dedicated to creating smiles for their patients that exude beauty and empower success in both personal and business relationships. Interested in offering quality dentistry to Freehold, NJ, patients in Monmouth County and throughout the Jersey Shore, Drs. Dennis and Sandy Sternberg provide comprehensive care.

Would you see a doctor who never checked your heart? Equally important, would you see a dentist who never screened for oral cancer?

I have been a practicing cosmetic dentist in Monmouth County (serving Marlboro, Freehold, Colts Neck, and other cities throughout the county) for more than 40 years, and I am constantly amazed at the number of people who have never received an oral cancer screening from their dentist.

If the Mona Lisa had a good dentist
If the Mona Lisa had a good dentist, she might have smiled more!

Most Commonly Requested Treatments

Porcelain Veneers Before and After
Porcelain Veneers

Dramatically improve your smile by addressing minor imperfections, filling gaps between teeth, and covering discoloration with porcelain veneers.

Full Mouth Reconstruction
Full Mouth Reconstruction

For missing and damaged teeth, dental implants provide a strong and secure dental solution that stimulates the jawbone, preventing bone loss.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Before and After
Dental Implants

Combining many treatments into a full mouth reconstruction treatment plan is the smartest and fastest approach to restoring a significantly damaged smile.

Personalized Dental Care for Every Patient

Dr. Dennis Sternberg: "Every patient deserves quality, individualized dental care. My commitment as a cosmetic dentist to patients in Freehold, Marlboro, and throughout the Monmouth County and Ocean County area is to provide them with quality, safe, patient-focused dentistry.

We see patients throughout Monmouth County and the Tri-State area. Each person has different dental needs. I take great personal satisfaction as a cosmetic dentist in helping patients in and around the Marlboro and Freehold area become comfortable with their dental care.

By taking the time to thoroughly understand individual needs and discuss dental procedures, I am able to put patients at ease and help them make more informed decisions about their care. We use the most up-to-date dental equipment at our office and take a comprehensive medical history of all new patients. You are a complete person. Your dental exam will be comprehensive. This is the gold standard to which I adhere.

We practice stringent sterilization techniques and our comfortable, modern facility will instantly put you at ease. Your dental exam will include an oral cancer screening which is completely painless, x-rays, and a thorough examination of supporting structures of the mouth including lips, tongue and gums. I strive to be an approachable, accessible cosmetic dentist and want my patients in Marlboro and throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties to feel fully confident in their dental care."

Dr. Dennis Sternberg and Dr. Sandy Sternberg
Dr. Dennis Sternberg and Dr. Sandy Sternberg incorporate over 42 years of combined experience providing patients comprehensive quality dental care.

Devoted to You & Your Needs

"I don't believe in 'herding' my patients through an overbooked system. All appointments will be scheduled so that I can devote my time to caring for you. Dr. Dennis Sternberg

Patient Reviews & Before and After Images

Dr. Dennis Sternberg has practiced as a cosmetic dentist for many years, helping patients achieve beautiful smiles everyday. Read what our patients have to say about us, see the stunning results, and watch videos from even more of our satisfied patients.

thank you letter

 Dr. Doctor Dennis, Thank you for fixing my broken teeth. You did very beautiful work. 

You made me smile again and changed my life! 

Love, Jessica

In gratitude for giving Jessica the smile that changed her life, she created this collection of exotic shells.  I love it!  But more than that, seeing Jessica smile and knowing that she sees herself again as beautiful as she really is makes my 42 year career  as a dentist worth while

Serving Generations of Patients

"Many people who have received dental care at my practice as children are now bringing their children to my office. I have been caring for some of my patients for more than 40 years and look forward to providing you and your family with quality dental care." Dr. Dennis Sternberg

Comprehensive Treatment Options

As healthy teeth are the foundation for any successful cosmetic dentistry treatment, Drs. Dennis and Sandy Sternberg will always make certain, prior to all cosmetic procedures, that your teeth are strong and healthy. Treating cavities, gum disease and damaged teeth are priorities when it comes to quality dental care.

Cosmetic Procedures

Restorative Dentistry

General Dentistry

A Dramatically Enhanced Smile Thanks to Porcelain Veneers

A friend and patient of Dr. Dennis Sternberg had his dark and misshapen teeth dramatically improved with the addition of porcelain veneers and crowns, which addressed the gaps between teeth and discoloration in his smile. Visit the before and after gallery for more images of this patient's transformation.

David K.


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Dear Dennis,

I really want to take a few minutes to relay to you a few thoughts I have as to my most recent experiences here in your office pertaining to the care of my teeth. In my mind, for the last 30+ years of being one of your patients I have always felt that I couldn’t possibly be in better hands than yours when it comes to dental care. You have always been professional, kind, gentle, thoughtful and caring.

Recently as you know, after I dropped the ball on staying current with my dental health, I came to you to address the issue since I had allowed my teeth to become a bit of a train wreck....and not because I wanted to as I mentioned to you when we spoke, but the reasons at this point have no bearing on what I want to convey to you here at this moment.

When all was said and done you as usual showed patience and laid out a plan of attack to correct the I said you always instill confidence and set my mind at ease. Even after all these years I still suffer from “dentist chair” anxiety which is created in my own mind and not by anything you’ve ever’s a phobia all of my own making and you always prove I have no reason to think this way. So when you said to me when is your next day off so we can schedule the work to be done and I said tomorrow your reply was “I’m not here tomorrow but Sandy is”. In my desire to act quickly I naively asked is Sandy as kind and gentle as you are and you replied “he’s better”. Honestly, I took you for your word since you’ve always been truthful with me and I had no concerns since I totally believed you...even if I thought how can he be better than Dennis?

Even though this took a few paragraphs I’ve finally arrived at the gist of this letter.

My experience with Sandy was top notch. Sandy’s professional manner, his openness, his obviously well honed medical abilities, his communication skills and his sense of humor all served to put me at ease. I believe he learned his profession well and that he is serious about what he does as a doctor and as a valued member of your team and these are just a few traits of what makes him who he is. There were other aspects of his personality that came through which all added to help relax me, show that he cared and was focused on the patient in his dental chair.

Like his father he would speak to me while working in order to keep communicating what was going on. “This will sting a bit, just a little longer, you know the drill, how are you doing Dave”....if I didn’t already know it was Sandy, it could have just as easily been you Dennis. My take on this is that while Sandy learned his art form at dental school well I’m sure there were most likely tips/pointers and experiences he may well have learned from his father that again all added up to making me feel as comfortable as possible.

In short, in its simplest form this is a fan letter for both father and son but it is a bit son centric. I know the pleasure of being able to be proud of my daughters and the kind of love and pride it creates in a parent. As a father dear Dennis you have got to be enormously proud of your son for the type of man he is.... as a businessman you must also feel pride that you have such professional talent which surely is a welcomed addition to the business you created with your own sweat and talents over the years. As a patient of yours I couldn’t be happier knowing that whether it’s father or son, I’ll always be in good hands....thank you.

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Treat Damaged Smiles with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Before picture of damaged smile
Before This patient had significant functional issues with his smile, and needed a dentist that could address the many issues he was experiencing with a comprehensive treatment plan.
After picture of full mouth reconstruction case
After We were able to help him restore form and function to his damaged smile by combining many treatments as part of a full mouth reconstruction.

"Because of him, I'm alive today."

Dr. Sternberg noticed suspicious lumps in this patient's neck during a routine exam, and recommended that he visit his general care provider. Thanks to Dr. Sternberg, this patient received timely treatment for cancer. 

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Dr. Dennis G. Sternberg and Dr. Sandy Sternberg

Dennis G. Sternberg, D.D.S.

Dr. Dennis G. Sternberg and Dr. Sandy Sternberg are top-rated dentists who are committed to caring for each patient's dental health while using the latest tools and technology. Dr. Dennis G. Sternberg has been featured in several high-profile publications, including:

  • New Jersey Monthly's "New Jersey's Top Dentists"
  • Newsweek's "Unsung Heroes"

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